2023 – Turin

June 21-23, 2023, Turin, Italy

Keynote Speech - Nereo Segnan
Welcome Address - Alfonso Frigerio
Plenary Session 1 - Risk-based Screening:
Communication of breast cancer risk and a personalized screening protocol: experience within the MyPeBS Study - Francesca Di Stefano
Evaluation of Population based Cancer Screening from Universal to Precision Strategy with a Digital Twin Design Approach - Ting-Yu Lin
A model to assess the utility of risk based breast cancer screening algorithms - Emma C. Atakpa
Developing a Colorectal Cancer Risk Prediction Tool for Use in Primary Care - Jennifer McIntosh
Concurrent Session 1 - MCED:
Translating from diagnostic performance to outcomes in multi cancer early detection testing: an evidence generation proposal - Ruth Etzioni
Towards a Paradigm Shift for Cancer Screening Trials in the MCED Era - Peter Sasieni
Concurrent Session 2 - Screening as a Research Platform:
Cancer Screening Clinical Trials: A Platform for Research in Cancer Screening - Lori Minasian
Can India hit the target ? Cervix Cancer Control Program in Tamil Nadu State as a case study - Malliga J. Subramanian
Interval cancers after two rounds of population based Fecal Immunochemical Test screening in Sweden with gender specific cut off levels - Hanna Ribbing Wilen
Plenary Session 2 - New Techs and Screening Tests
An efficient strategy for evaluating new non-invasive screening tests for colorectal cancer. The guiding principles - Carlo Senore
Effectiveness of Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence Aided Quality Control System in Korean National Lung Cancer Screening Program - Yeol Kim
Imaging Biomarkers are Underappreciated But Highly Predictive Prognostic Factors for Aggressive Breast Cancer Subtypes - Pattaranan Munpolsri
Self collection (SC) uptake in Australia's National Cervical Screening Program (NCSP): Update and policy changes - Dorota Gertig
Plenary Session 3 - Monitoring, Evaluation and QA
Cancer Screening in 5 Continents: an initiative to improve quality of cancer screening - Partha Basu
Nationwide Evaluation of the Dutch Colorectal Cancer Screening Program - Lucie de Jonge
Spanish Colorectal Cancer Screening Network: a unique opportunity for sharing cancer screening experience and knowledge - Susana Castan-Cameo
Challenges faced in the national scaling up of HPV testing in Argentina - Silvina Arrossi
Long term follow up of the Finnish randomized HPV screening trial - Sirpa Heinavaara
Concurrent Session 3 - Integrating Primary and Secondary Prevention:
Effectiveness of cervical cancer secondary prevention in Cote d’Ivoire: Early insights into barriers and acceptance of Human papillomavirus (HPV)-based screening approach - Rita Josiane Gouesse
IARC Handbook Volume 19: Evaluation of the Evidence on Primary Prevention Approaches for Oral Cancer - Suzanne Nethan
Evaluating coping patterns in the Andromeda cohort and potential associations with breast cancer onset, unhealthy behaviours or other socio demographic features - Elisa Camussi
Evaluating reproductive, clinical history, anthropometric measures and lifestyles in the large ANDROMEDA screening cohort, exploring the association with breast cancer onset. - Elisa Camussi
Personalized Screening for Breast Cancer with Machine Learning Approach - Grace Hsiao-Hsuan Jen
Concurrent Session 4 - Screening as a PH Intervention:
Increasing Participation Rate in Population-Based Cancer Screening Programmes Through Improvement of Invitation Letters: Pilot Study in the Czech Republic - Tomas Vyskot
Feasibility and acceptability of implementing HPV self sampling into street medicine and outreach for women experiencing homelessness - Racquel Kelly Kohler
Direct Mailing of Self-Sample HPV Test vs. Usual Reminder Letter to Older Women Non-Participating in Cervical Cancer Screening: A Prospective Study in the Czech Republic - Ondrej Ngo
Concurrent Session 5 - Comms Issues:
Web-based Decision Aids for Breast Cancer Screening: A Systematic Review - Montse Garcia
Awareness of the benefits and limitations of cancer screening - Mairead O'Connor
Less Paper, More Informed Decision-making? - Iris Seriese
Testing behavioral economics messages to increase non responders' participation in organized colorectal cancer screening programs: a randomized controlled trial - Paola Mantellini
Personalized Colorectal Cancer Screening Strategies: Information Needs of the Target Population - Esther Toes Zoutendijk
Concurrent Session 6 - Data Systems and Legal Frameworks
Data System and Legal Framework - Population Cancer Screening with Health Connect - Gregory Doyle
Prioritising performance and outcome indicators for breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening programs for the CanScreen ECIS Project - Brian Sheridan
Application of the Arima Model in Forecasting the Positivity of a Fecal-Based Colorectal Cancer Screening Program in Catalonia, 2011-2022 - Jon Aritz Panera
Lessons learned from data collection in the IMAGINE study - Jos Van Dijck
Plenary Session 4 - Equity in Cancer Screening
Early Detection , Prevention & Infections Branch - Partha Basu on behalf of Isabel Mosquera
Achieving equitable implementation of lung cancer screening in a safety net health system in Texas - Michael Pignone
Plenary Session 5 - New Cancer Screening Programs
New recommendations on cancer screening across the globe - Harry J. de Koning
Cost Effectiveness of Risk Based Low Dose CT Screening for Lung Cancer in Switzerland - Koen de Nijs
The UK Yorkshire Lung Screening Trial: implementation of telephone based risk assessment and mobile, community based Low Dose CT screening - Rhian Gabe
Cancer screening progress in Zhejiang province, China - Xue Li
Population Pilot Programme for Prostate Cancer Early Detection in the Czech Republic Situation Analysis and Planned Design - Ondrej Majek
PRAISE-U Smart Early Detection of Prostate Cancer - Partha Basu
Concurrent Session 7 - Best Practice
Impact on invitation, participation and lesion detected in the CRC screening in the Basque Country pre & post COVID 19 - Isabel Portillo
Potential global loss of life expected due to COVID 19 disruptions to organised colorectal cancer screening - Francine van Wifferen
Concurrent Session 8 - Screening and Clinical Medicine
Differences in treatment of stage I colorectal cancers : a population based study of colorectal cancers detected within and outside screening - Esther Toes Zoutendijk
Delays in Referral and Treatment of Oral Cancer Screening for the Vulnerable Population - Wenly Chiu Wen Su
Quality of life of breast cancer treatments and the impact of varying quality of life assumptions on cost effectiveness - Lindy Kregting