The International Cancer Screening Network (ICSN) convenes experts working towards reducing the global cancer burden through evidence-based cancer screening programs. ICSN was founded in 1988 through the leadership of Prof. Sam Shapiro at the NCI, and currently has more than 800 participants from 69 countries with active screening programs for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancers. CGH supports the coordination of the network since 2015.

For over 30 years, ICSN has provided an international forum to scientists and cancer screening practitioners to think about and discuss cancer screening research, implementation and evaluation. The ICSN biennial meetings and collaborative working groups contributed to defining the scope of cancer screening research, which is focused on developing the evidence base for effective practices in cancer screening.

ICSN promotes evidence-based cancer screening implementation and research with cooperation from multilateral organizations around the globe. The network acts as a critical resource for countries that have active population-based cancer screening programs in place and are interested improving quality through monitoring, evaluation and research. ICSN aims to reduce the global burden of cancer by:

  • Organizing scientific studies, biennial conferences, consultations, mentorship, training, and by publishing collaborative papers.
  • Creating a community of screening practitioners (researchers, evaluators, implementers and screening program staff) to exchange data, evidence, ideas and experiences that advance the field of cancer screening.
  • Assisting in the design of studies to evaluate the process and effectiveness of cancer screening programs;
  • Providing education and dialogue about basic aspects of cancer screening as well as advanced and emerging concepts and technology.
  • Enrolling participants who conduct cancer screening research, develop infrastructure for cancer screening, and establish programs whose goal is to deliver the highest quality health care while producing the maximum benefit to the population and minimizing its harms.

ICSN Steering Committee

Mireille Broeders PhD

Chair (until Dec 2023)

Professor of Personalized Screening at Radboud University Medical Center, The Netherlands.
Currently chairs the ICSN.

Miriam Elfström PhD

Chair-elect (becomes Chair Jan 2024)

Karolinska Institute, Sweden.
Dr. Elfström is the Chair-Elect of ICSN and will be the next to take on the leadership of the network.

Other Steering Committee members:

Anath Flugelman MD MPH – Technion – Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Israel

Andrea Burón MD PhD MPH – Hospital del Mar, Spain

Antonio Ponti MD MPH – (formerly at) Cancer Prevention Center (CPO) – Turin, Italy

Aruna Kamineni PhD MPH – Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute, USA

Christine Campbell PhD MPH – University of Edinburgh, UK

David Weller PhD – University of Edinburgh, UK

Doug Perin JD MPH – Leidos Biomedical Research Inc./U.S. National Cancer Institute, USA

Elsebeth Lynge PhD – University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Harry de Koning MD PhD – Erasmus University Medical Center, The Netherlands

Jean-Luc Bulliard PhD – University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Linda Rabeneck MD MPH – Cancer Care Ontario, Canada

Mona Saraiya MD MPH – U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Nereo Segnan MD MSc – (formerly at) Cancer Prevention Center (CPO) – Turin, Italy

Paul Doria-Rose DVM, PhD – U.S. National Cancer Institute, USA

Robert Smith PhD – American Cancer Society, USA